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Welcome to H@rry's Frags!

Thank you for visiting my coral frag web site.

I hope you see something here that appeals to you. I have mostly SPS coral frags from healthy parent colonies in my display tanks.

I'm not really a commercial coral frag seller. I'm a coral reef tank hobbyist who is trying to sell coral frags at about the same rate as they grow! To find out more about me click on the about link above.

For the most part, I offer SPS coral frags to other reef tank hobbyists at a fraction of the cost normally expected from commercial frag sellers. My objective is to share my coral frags with other hobbyists and not to maximize profits. For that reason, you will find that my prices are far less than coral frags from commercial coral vendors.

I specialize in SPS corals with mostly Acropora and Montipora.  If you have reef tanks, are looking for colorful SPS coral frags, and are not satisfied with the selection that you see from commercial coral vendors, I invite you to take a look!

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